Monday, July 6, 2015

Just Joey is Just Gone

I love roses but often seem to grow them as annuals, since I have a terrible time getting them through the winter.  Probably, if I planted in the ground instead of big pots...  but deer love roses and I'd rather grow them on my porch/deck.  One variety I found two years ago is called Just Joey...a coppery colored rose.  I was so excited when I found another this spring.  It turned out to be somewhat disappointing because it isn't at all like the one I had before.  It's a pretty rose, but it's just different. This week, the last bloom faded.   I suppose there will be second blooming, but that will be later this summer.  (Still life image for Kim Klassen's #mystillsundaycompetition on Instagram.)


Barb said...

Your still life in muted shades Is lovely. I can't grow hybrid roses at my altitude, but I do have wild roses on my property and in the forest.

Bridget Larsen said...

I love how you've made the dead flower into black and white, I couldnt tell it was dead

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Evelyn.