Friday, April 8, 2016

Random 5 Friday

It's Friday evening, but I'm joining with Nancy's Random 5 Friday meme again.

1. My husband developed a severe head cold and terrible cough two days ago.  He actually missed work today--it almost takes an act of Congress for that to happen!--and he went to the doctor.  It's evidently viral but he has all kinds of cough meds now.  He's very cranky.

2. We had two days of high 70's temperatures this week. Yay!

3. My sister and I drove 60 miles so I could photograph flowering dogwood trees.  They weren't blooming yet.

4. This week, I bought two large red planting pots for tender dahlia and ranunculus bulbs that will be planted when I'm sure night doesn't mean freezing temperatures.

5. Today was the first trip to playgrounds with Kennedy, my cowboy boot-wearing 7-year-old great-niece.  She wore flip-flops but took her boots along "in case I want to run.  I can't run in flip-flops."


Saun said...

I am so ready for warm weather its like winter here in Ohio. Glad to see Im not the only one who drives far for pictures. Hope your hubby feels better.


Saun said...

I can't wait for warmer weather.Here in Ohio its miserable damp,cold,and raining. Hope your hubby feels better. Have a great weekend.


Lisa Gordon said...

I sure hope your husband feels better soon, Evelyn.
Lot of that going on around here also.
I think it is the crazy weather!!

Ida said...

1. That's not good. I hope he feels better soon and that you don't catch it.
2. Hooray - It was up to 80 here yesterday.
3. Did you visit WW - I've noticed they are starting to bloom now.
4. I've been planting all week. I love Dahlias and ranunculus.
5. She sounds like so much fun and yes running in flip-flops is hard.

Anonymous said...

Sisters are nice like that... I'd drive that far and further to make her happy, aren't we the blessed ones to have such love in our lives??! You mentioned being by my blog irregularly but I haven't been to yours in ages, somehow I just don't spend a lot of time on reading blogs anymore. And my own blog rather languishes because I don't get out and photograph like I before that OTJ that eventually caused my earlier than planned retirement.. so I pursue other art mostly these days... our native white dogwoods are beginning to bloom, but not the ornamental pink dogwoods... thanks for the visit...

Daryl said...

mine had it too ... want pretty ..

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Lots of that icky stuff going around. Hope hubby feels better soon. Thanks for joining in, Ev. So nice of you. xo