Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Candids on Portland Waterfront

The waterfront of Portland, Oregon...both sides of the Willamette a fascinating place to visit. Recently, I made my first visit to the west side around lunchtime.  A long lens allowed me to capture some images I wouldn't have attempted with a short lens.

 Our daughter-in-law and Chloe, the Goldendoodle who LOVES water. She could not understand why she wasn't allowed to get into this particular river.
 I was surprised at how clean her feet were, especially considering that she didn't wear socks.
 A bicycle "orchestra" with bike bells as the instruments.  "Keep Portland Weird"
Maybe a lunchtime nap?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I love that dog! ~ Sharon

Bill said...

I agree--- the dog looking through the railing is priceless! I liked the subdued color of these shots.