Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fuzzy Wild One

Coyotes are common creatures, and they are very shy.   This particular one was far enough away that he stood and watched me long enough for a few photos.  When I commented to someone that this particular coyote was especially fuzzy, I learned that these animals begin a "rub" to remove heavier winter hair as a new coat develops.  Below this image is the entire scene.


Bill said...

Great picture!

Lisa Gordon said...

So nicely captured, Evelyn!
They do not go after the deer?
We have them around here, but I've never seen one. We hear them at night though, and the sound of them howling kind of scares me. I am glad to know that they are shy!
Happy day, my friend!

Ida said...

He was a fuzzy fellow & wow that 2nd panned out shot...awesome.

Suza said...

fantastic shots!!