Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Snow Surround

I've tried to find a subject that doesn't involve snow, but it's very difficult.  I took a drive north on one lane today, until I had to turn around where the plowing had ended. Plowing the rural roads has been a huge, ongoing task for the county these past two months, so the less-traveled roads or the areas that can be accessed another way just don't see a plow.

This is the location of one of two huge snowdrifts created in one of the big snowstorms. 


Laura~Pretty Pix said...

I love your snow scenes. Your second image is wonderful!

Ida said...

Wow these are wonderful. I'm really ready to be over snow this winter but I can appreciate it's beauty too. I really liked the 2nd and 4th photos.

Lisa Gordon said...

These are really beautiful, Evelyn.
Especially the one of the fence.
Just perfect!
Have a great weekend.