Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sunset in November

I'm lagging in my blog posts, but I'm also lagging in my photography.  There are too many things I dislike about this time of year.  I do love frost photos, but I also love being warm, and getting outside early when it's in the 20's is NOT one of my loves!  My husband and I drove across the Blue Mountains to Walla Walla, Washington this week; on our way home, the sunset was amazing.

 These are the foothills of the Blue Mountains above the Walla Walla Valley. 

As we start the climb out of the valley to head east, there's an intersection which provides a view of the Weston, Oregon cemetery.  The sky was on fire, and the trees in the cemetery were beautiful silhouettes. 


Bill said...

Exquisite sunset and silhouettes!

Lisa Gordon said...

Evelyn, these are gorgeous!
I especially love the first one.
The colors are truly so magical.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Denise Bickmore said...

Absolutely stunning colors and composition. Great eye!

Michelle said...

You did capture some beautiful scenes. Bravo!

elizabeth said...