Sunday, February 4, 2018

From the Passenger Side

Driving the length of the Columbia Gorge is a necessity for getting from NE Oregon to the west side, Hillsboro in particular.  Last week, my husband and I did just that, in order to provide some baby care for our young granddaughter, who was ill.  Both parents work, so retired grandparents love to step in when they can.  The weather was dreary, but I always try to find subjects to photograph on the 5-hour trip. There were two stops for photos: one at Cascade Locks to photograph Bridge of the Gods, which crosses the Columbia into Washington state, and one on the way home at the remaining stands of trees at Boardman Tree Farm.
Heading west

On the way back east


Bill said...

I'm certainly familiar with these places, but the combination of the weather and your fine work has made all them like new in my mind. Well done!

Denise Bickmore said...

Beautiful series of photos. The Boardman stand looks great in this shot.

Michelle said...

These are all gorgeous and that last photo, of the trees, has me speechless. My kind of view.

Lisa Gordon said...

Evelyn, these are gorgeous!!!
What amazing scenery you had on this drive.
I hope your little granddaughter is feeling much better now.
Have a wonderful week!