Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter Clouds

There has been a serious lack of snow in this area this winter.  We had about 6 inches at Christmas time here in the valley, with more in the mountains. But that was it. Then rain came and recently caused a serious snow melt in the mountains, as well.  70 inches of snow soon became 40 on the summit.  But this week, we had snow again, only  3 inches or so down low.  The skies then cleared and the clouds were glorious, all of them crowning the surrounding mountains of the Grande Ronde Valley. 

 7000 ft. Mount Fanny (SE end of valley)

 6000 ft Mount Emily (west side) 
 5000 ft. Mount Harris (NE end) 
 Mount Fanny 
                                                                        Mount Harris

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Bill said...

What a fine group of images of the clouds over the snowy hills. You live in a lovely spot!