Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Arrived...the last weeks of February

Snow at Christmas and that was it.  Temperatures in early February reached 50 degrees a couple of days. Then the cold moved in.  And then the snow came: the first day, we got 10 inches of the white stuff; the second day, the wind brought more snow.  It's good for the mountains, because that's our water during the summer months.  And I had to see what it looked like because a snow landscape has become my favorite.  I don't enjoy being out in the snow, but I love looking at all the scenes.  All of the following photographs were taken no more than 6 feet from the car, and many were taken from the car.  (Hwy 204 is known as the Tollgate Highway over the Blue Mountains from Elgin to Spout Springs...and on to Weston and Pendleton or to Walla Walla.)


Bill said...

These are exquisite, Evelyn!

Barb said...

The trees etched in snow are quite beautiful! We are low in snowpack here in CO, too. We need more for our forests and reservoirs.

Lisa Gordon said...

Evelyn, each of these is truly magical.
We had a hint of spring (a very small hint) this past week, but that all ended yesterday with 24 inches of snow and blizzard conditions. Not quite spring yet! :-(
I have spent so much time clearing snow, that I have not even looked for any photo opportunities. I really need to do that.
Have a great weekend!