Saturday, April 14, 2018

Another Round Trip Across Oregon

Our only granddaughter turned 1 on April 10, so we made the trek to the "west side" again.  On the way back, we drove a portion of the Historic Columbia River Highway, always my favorite. Before we took that old highway at Mosier, we sailed past Multnomah Falls, but it was packed on a Monday, so I didn't want to stop.  Beautiful drive both ways...we just wish Hillsboro could be closer.
The ubiquitous wind towers lining the Washington horizon above the Columbia River
 Bighorn rams photographed at 70 mph from the car

 Portland has beautiful flowering trees, many of which line the streets.
 Magnolias were starting to bloom in Hillsboro
 Fascinating variety of growth on a tree limb
 Metal creature on Main Street in Hillsboro
 A most interesting combination of tenants
 Multnomah Falls, plunging from a mountain charred by the devastating Eagle Creek Fire of 2017
 View of Columbia upriver and I-84 East from Rowena Crest Overlook
 The famed Rowena Crest horseshoe highway
 Bighorn rams bedded down in the afternoon; we actually backed up on the freeway for this shot!
 Bighorn ewes look really rough this time of year.
The Boardman tree farm, now in small sections since the land was sold for other agricultural use.


Bill said...

Lovely pictures---- I love the horseshoe curve. We took the old highway from Mosier to THe Dalles last time... Some wonderful views there too.

Electric | Journal said...

A nice collection that shows the diversity of scenery from the dry side to the wet.

Lisa Gordon said...

I can't believe it's been a year already, Evelyn!!
Time does have a way of going by so quickly.
What beautiful scenery you had on this trip.
Have a wonderful week ahead.

Unknown said...

Just wondering if its worth the drive to the tree farm for pictures since it was rumored that all the trees were to be cut down

Ida said...

Great post. - It was neat to see the Sheep. I've seen them one or twice on trips but it's been awhile so I enjoyed your photos of them.