Thursday, April 5, 2018

Living in the Country

There are many times that I complain about living so far from "anything" here in NE Oregon, but when I'm on a drive into the country any direction from my house, I admit that I love being able to access this part of Oregon.  Narrow dirt and gravel roads turn into narrower single lanes bordered by a variety of evergreen trees and wire fencing.  Spring is late this year...because winter was late, so the countryside is just now starting to green up.  This post features photos I took on a short drive this week, traveling just 16 miles round-trip from our back door.


Bill said...

I love the bovine face---- and what looks like a stone crocodile in the final image!

Michelle said...

These are beautiful. I live in a small town that is not close to much. The views are the advantages.

elizabeth said...

Such lovely photos! I’m particularly fond of the cow.

Lisa Gordon said...

So nicely captured, Evelyn!
Spring is late here also. VERY late,