Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What a Month!

There is no way I can post all the images I would like to share about the last two weeks of May, but I've chosen representative ones.  This all happened on our 12-day trip to New York--Brooklyn, to be exact--to visit our oldest son and his fiancee. It was definitely an experience to remember.

The biggest event of all was the surprise wedding of our son at St. Ann's Warehouse, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  We thought we were going to a play! Minutes after this photo, high wind and heavy rain descended on the small wedding party.  
 My favorite bridge

Our two sons at the reception in Queens 

Our three visits to Brooklyn always included viewing the Brooklyn Collective...amazing street art

 Our son lived in the Bushwick neighborhood for 10 years; we stayed in an Airbnb in Bushwick

Entrance to our Airbnb in Bushwick 

 Little Skips -- morning coffee and cookie every day

 Our son, who is chef at a restaurant in the Lower East Side, took us on a quick-paced tour of that amazing location where immigration shaped the area..and New York City.  This is Chinatown. 

 Little Italy borders Chinatown. I had my first cannoli here!

Our new daughter-in-law works as a fit model in Farmington, Long Island; after her work, we drove east through the Hamptons to Montauk, the easternmost point of Long Island on the Atlantic Ocean. 

Another afternoon trip was to Coney Island, an hour-long trip by train. We had a hot dog at Nathan's and deep dish pizza later.  

The boardwalk on Coney Island is wide and clean. 

One of my favorite locations is the Brooklyn side of the East River, looking into Manhattan (World Trade Center #1 aka Freedom Tower is the tallest building.) The newlyweds were our drivers. 


Bill said...

All of these are great, but that first one--- the look of that one with the two newlyweds is AMAZING!!

Rosie Grey said...

Congratulations, Evelyn, what a surprise! All the best to the newlyweds!! And thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos of your trip!

Lisa Gordon said...

What a wonderful adventure, Evelyn, and a very big congratulations to everyone!!

Ida said...

That wedding photo was stunning. - You captured some amazing murals and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I enjoyed seeing your photos.

Alphie Soup said...

I'm just passing through blogland on my Sunday evening ramble and found your post. Fabulous wedding photo. Beautiful bride. Perfect dress. Oh yes, and the groom polishes up well too, doesn't he?
My very best wishes to them from a total stranger, who may never cross their path again.