Sunday, July 8, 2018

"Stay Out"

I'm falling behind in my plan to make a blog post at least once a month; I'll blame it on old age, busy-ness, and a bit of disorganization!  So a long drive in the country (we have a lot of it around here) produced the images for this post: signs on private property.  Because we are a hunting area, private landowners "mark their territory" with No Trespassing and No Hunting signs.  As simple as the message is, it's available in a variety of presentations.


Bill said...

Some might find this post a tad on the negative side--- but NOT ME! I loved the variety of signs. And the banner photo at the top reminded me that those pesky flowers have no respect for barbed wire or signs.... Fun post.

Lisa Gordon said...

Great project, Evelyn, and I love all of the different presentations.
Have a great week!

Ida said...

What a unique post. You really did a great job capturing the different signs.