Saturday, December 29, 2018

Truly Miscellaneous

I'm behind with my monthly blog this one is a mix of photos without a real theme.

 A road on the south side of Cricket Flat outside Elgin, Oregon...from the east toward the west, looking toward the Blue Mountains

Whitetail does 
A dry leaf on a formidable thorn bush
 The road into the wilderness
 Baker County....and the magnificent Elkhorn Mountains (east side)
 I think this is the "other" side of the Elkhorns as seen from Sumpter
 An "oldie" near Sumpter  
 This beautiful buck was herding a harem of does
 Back to my "back yard"...and the Grande Ronde River at the edge of Elgin
 Another trip to the summit of the Blue Mountains on Hwy 204
 Snow "fall" pretty as any waterfall


Anne Payne said...

Wow, Evelyn!!! These are beautiful, especially the ones of snow.

Bill said...

I love the first shot with the road, and the ruined barn. Superb photos, Evelyn, really nice.

Electric | Journal said...