Tuesday, July 16, 2019

P52 - Week #27

I would love to be a rodeo photographer...amateur, of course.  However, it needs to be daytime rodeo.  Several years ago, our local rodeo was three performances, two evening and one afternoon.  Photographing action such as calf roping, barrel racing, bronc and bull riding was relatively simple --even from the grandstand.  I used a Pentax camera with a 70-300 mm telephoto lens.  Those were the days! Now the rodeo has only evening performances and I simply don't have a lens that is adequate for action in the low light.  It has changed my whole attitude about photographing during the four days of rodeo action. 

"Extra" ropers and barrel racers compete during "slack," which is after the first evening performance and in the morning of the next day.  I would rather photograph the bronc and bull riding, but it's no longer workable.  This year, I spent some time one morning during roping slack.  Next year, I will rent the lens that I need.


Bill said...

I like this a bunch! Well done!

Electric | Journal said...

In my younger, horsey years, I spent a lot of time photographing horse shows. Dressage, jumping, and especially cross-country jumping. I loved it. This is a very cool shot!