Saturday, October 19, 2019

Week #42 - P52

This is one of those serendipitous photos...I was totally surprised to find it, not that I was looking for it.  In fact, we were driving through my hometown on the way back from a day in the county where I grew up and where I love to visit often (it's only 25-55 miles from where I have lived for 45 years).  Anyway, on our way through Wallowa, I caught sight of this...immediately told my driver/husband to turn right and go around "the block" so I could see it again.  It's a building I knew in my childhood as the office of the local Justice of the Peace.  I'm pretty certain it's been empty for a very long time.  But there it was...that tan stucco exterior and those blue windows--all draped over by wild branches and faded leaves. I loved it!


Bill said...

I haven't been back to my SF Bay Area for well over 35 years, but the pictures I see suggest that the only place that hasn't become unrecognizable is Nob Hill in San Francisco where I worked for many years. My childhood home areas in the East Bay have changed to the extent that I almost get sick to my stomach-- not that the change is bad or ugly, but it isn't "home" anymore. But I'm glad you found this place!

Barb said...

Not many people can say they live so close to their roots. Though my heart is in CO, I was born and raised on the east coast. I think of "wabi-sabi" when I see your photo.