Thursday, October 15, 2020

More Landscapes in NE Oregon

 I didn't realize it had been so long between posts, but I've been "landscaping" again.  This time, I've photographed some areas in the county where I grew up.  It adjoins the county where I have lived for 45 years---and I have no idea where those years have gone!

Wallowa County has been known as "The Little Switzerland of America," although I haven't heard that term in a long while.  The high Wallowa Mountains, also known as the Eagle Caps, are impressive any time of year.  After the first snow, however, they get special recognition.  

Diamond Prairie near Wallowa, looking toward Bear Creek
Bear Creek canyon, which leads into the Wallowa Mountains
Bear Creek near the "end of the road"...a dirt road goes a bit farther and then it's trail. 
The Lostine Canyon, another entrance to the high mountains of the Wallowas. The Lostine River flows down this canyon, and just might be the most beautiful wild river, accessible in many places. 
Alder Slope between Enterprise and the Wallowa Mountains.  
Pasture land between Enterprise and Joseph, with the background of the Wallowa Mountains. 
Wallowa Lake , shaped by a glacier, which formed the perfect moraine on the east side (not pictured here).  Wallowa Lake State Park is located at the foot of the mountains in this scene. 
Zooming in on mountains bordering the lake. 

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Bill said...

Great pictures. Since we will not be traveling to the east side at all this year, I'm reliving some past ones with some planned posts. I love your area. You are lucky.