Monday, May 29, 2023

Why Should I Move West?

 As we have retired and continue to age, our children would like us to be closer.  However, the eldest lives in Brooklyn, NY and the youngest lives in western Oregon.  If we moved to the Portland area, we would be closer to both:  one, physically closer and the other closer because the airport is there.   We've seriously considered it, but we like where we are, where we have lived as a couple for 45 years in the same house.  And I keep thinking about the countryside, where we often drive---I always with my camera.  This past weekend of our 45th anniversary, we took drives on three days.  The last one was the longest--maybe 20 miles to the north and in a big loop.  

This wild rose was growing on the ground beside the road, the only one I saw all day.

Balsamroot flowers are blooming everywhere .

This was a highlight of the drive: Crimson Columbine flowers in a group, being visited by the first Swallowtail butterfly of the season. 

I never drive by this aspen grove without taking photos. 

Amazing view looking east across the countryside to the Wallowa Mountains in the next county. 


Bill said...

You shouldn't move. I was born and raised near San Francisco; and worked many years in San Francisco radio, on-air. When we first moved to our little town, I would have gone nutz without Portland to go to. But within a few years that began to change. Now I absolutely couldn't stand to live in Portland, Seattle, or even back in my beloved SF. Laura is an NYC girl who would never return to city living. I suppose I would love the inner city if I could have an apartment on Nob Hill in SF or a loft in Manhattan. But that's different. Anyway, I think you should stay. Just my two cents. Great pictures, as always.

Barb said...

Don't move Evelyn!! Bob and I have the same thoughts sometimes, but then decide we'll stay where we are. Happy Anniversary. In August it will e our 57th. Love all your emerging wildflowers.