Friday, February 9, 2024

February Snow Storm

 This corner of Oregon had an intense winter that lasted a fairly short time.  Sub-zero (-15 degrees) temperatures for several days and more than a foot of snow.  Then the rain began! The first "atmospheric river" event on the West Coast moved inland with above freezing temperatures and rain. It wasn't long before the snow was gone...except for the tops of mountains.  February keeps teasing us with winter...and a recent snow storm created some beautiful scenes in neighboring Wallowa County.  (The elevation makes the difference.)  Joseph and Wallowa Lake are in the south end of the county, and they are always beautiful. It was a day when the clouds were down low, hiding the view of the Wallowa Mountains bordering the lake. 

One of the many life-sized bronze sculptures on the Main Street of Joseph. 

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Bill said...

Some really breathtaking images in this post. I'm getting old and snow has become something I want to see in pictures, and perhaps drive to. Otherwise... I love the 7th picture the most!