Sunday, February 13, 2011


It's week 7 of Darcy's P52 Challenge.  I have NO idea how so many people do a 365 project!  When I began this, I decided that I wanted to include photos that are meaningful in some way; I'm not sure I can carry through with that goal for 52 weeks, though.    This week's photo is obvious because it's related to Valentine's Day.  My Valentine and I will soon celebrate our 33rd year of marriage.

It's obvious that I'm still up to my eyebrows in textures.  I wonder if I'll ever use a shot that's SOOC again.
(I used Picnik features before applying #7 from "Ben's Collection" by Kim Klassen.)


jo©o said...

It can become an obsession, can't it just.
What I dislike about over textures is that it leaks over the main subject. I haven't been able to solve that yet. Any ideas on that?
Making your own texture is also fun.
Nice to have you vsit.

Kim Klassen said...

this is so lovely evelyn... really beautiful.... xxo, Kim

joco said...

Ah, erase what you don't want. Of course.
Why didn't I think of that?
Now if only I could find the tool .
I'll let you know. Thanks.
Creative Exchange works :-)
Sooc looks naked somehow. But it'll pass, I'm sure.
I so agree that images should be meaningful to oneself. It is easy to succumb and play to the gallery. I like the rose, as if plucked from memory.