Saturday, February 12, 2011

My new obsession: textures

At one time, I was certain I would never learn how to use PhotoShop Elements, although I own three versions.   A mini-course with Kim Klassen and continuing with her Test Kitchen workshop have 'empowered' me; now I try to play with layers and textures whenever I can.    There is still so much to learn.    This photo was inspired by someone who applied textures to a graphic image.  My image came from a magazine: it started as a mass of bright pink roses.  I scanned the image and then worked with some of the things I've learned.   The texture is Kim's "Sweet Treat."   As I said before, I have so much to learn.

Free is good:   Kim's e-course "Textures in Ten" is free!


Kim Klassen said...

honestly .. this is AMAZING... truly... LOVE... thank you for sharing... xxo, Kim

Rosie said...

How wonderful, Evelyn! This is really amazing! As you know I share your obsession and didn't I warn you that it's addictive ;-) I'm a bit overwhelmed with my workload at the moment but hope to visit again more often! Have a wonderful Sunday!