Friday, February 18, 2011

Under the wire at Creative Exchange

I'm not sure how I missed posting for Lisa's Creative Exchange, but I did. (As it turns out, I DID post this past week but Linky wasn't working so my photo wasn't in the thumbnails. So...two Creative Exchange posts in a week!)    My choice  is a photo I took at a railroad crossing on a country road.  I've been wanting to photograph magpies because their black and white is a great contrast to all the brown...when the snow left (temporarily).   So there I was at the railroad crossing and the magpie was sitting on a post some yards to the right of my car.   I had my 300mm lens and electric windows, both of which worked well.    The original colors were okay, but I added several textures to the photo and cropped it.


SouthernSass said...

Beautiful capture! I love the texture and the way they complement the coloring of the bird. Its perfect!

lisa said...

Evelyn -
This is just beautiful! Love the work you did on it, and such a sweet little creature!

Thank you so much for your patience with Linky this week. We had no notification of their upgrade, and everything went truly "haywire!!"

Thank you also for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful weekend1


Laura said...

Great shot! Magpies are so difficult to get a photo off!

Veronica said...

nice editing, I love the bird photos!!!

Rosie said...

How beautiful, Evelyn! This looks so gorgeous! I find it so difficult to take photos of birds - them being always much faster than I am... ;-) I love your treatment of the photo! Can you believe I wasn't able to participate in the Creative Exchange for weeks now... I hope to chime in soon! :-)

Margaret said...

Stunning! He is a grand figure and your texture just sets him off perfectly.