Thursday, October 27, 2016


I grew up in a valley 25 miles east of where I have lived for the past 40 years.  It's an easy drive, and I made it this week to do a little photography.  The weather, however, wasn't cooperating.  It was gloomy, foggy and rainy.  The fall colors were impressive, though.  


Bill said...

Super pictures, Evelyn
--- just wonderful.

Kay Anthony said...

I love the pictures you were able to take on cold, rainy day. I love the feel they portray.

Normala Saad said...

Lovely scene. Lovely place & a gud photos indeed. I love the alive.

Lisa Gordon said...

This looks like such a wonderfully peaceful place to be, Evelyn.
I just love your header photograph.
Have a great weekend!

Leslie Miller said...

You say gloomy and foggy, but I think it's absolutely beautiful. The weather adds a special drama of its own. Stunning!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Hi Evelyn -- you probably won't remember me, but I do remember you and your gorgeous photography! I left my original blog to write a genealogy blog, but now I'm going through major life changes and so am returning to One Woman, Reinvented. I'm so happy to have found you again!