Saturday, June 13, 2015

Be Still_52: Four Things--A Collective Prompt

A loaf of bread, linen, twine, and scissors...

(I would truly prefer to use Lightroom, but I still haven't dedicated the time to learn it.)

Edited with Topaz Clarity
 Edited with Topaz B&W Effects "White Chocolate"

Edited with Rad Lab

Edited with Topaz B&W Effects "Hand Tinted Chiffon"


Lisa Gordon said...

Evelyn, these are wonderful.
I love the compositions and the edits.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful edots!

Justine said...

these are wonderful and that bread looks very good!

Gail Dixon said...

The very last one is my favorite because of the color temp, brightness and isolation of the subject. I started out with Lightroom and could not live without it. I still use PS, but everything goes through LR first. You should try it!